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MrsEnero Finds : Christmas Molded Crayons and Personalized Christmas Tags by Crayzee Crayons

Few days to go before Christmas! A great way to add a little more festivity this upcoming Christmas is by having your own personalized Christmas gift tags. There’s no better way to level up your Christmas presents than by adding a personal touch in it. If you’re tired of the shopping stores that always have a generic Christmas gift tag to stick to your beautifully crafted presents, then Crayzee Crayons got your back.

Why I love personalized gift tags? because no one wants to write their name 1,000,000 times. Only few days left until Christmas Eve, which means you still have time to get one of Crayzee Crayons’ personalized gift tags.  They have tons of fancy designs, that you’ll definitely love. Make your gift stand out with personalized holiday gift tags.

Thank you Crayzee Crayons for the beautifully crafted Christmas gift tags.
Make your gift stand out with personalized holiday gift tags.

A few months ago, I shared with you why I love Crayzee Crayon’s molded crayons. I have purchased molded crayons for my daughter’s birthday loot bags too. Read more hereMy daughter loves being creative, she loves coloring and drawing. Coloring helps our little one to recognize color, hue, line, perspective, shape and form. It also helps a child to see and recognize patterns. Crayzee Crayons have so many playful designs that toddlers/kids would definitely love. Imagine how they can color and play at the same time.

Thank you Crayzee Crayons for Eliana’s Christmas themed molded crayons.

Crayzee crayons have Christmas themed crayons too! Just look at the snowman, santa, Christmas tree, Santa socks, candy cane and gifts molded crayons, cuteness overload! 🎄🎁🧦⛄️ Are you still looking for toddlers/kids Christmas gift? Crayzee Crayons’ Christmas themed molded crayons are the perfect gifts for them this Christmas.

Crayzee Crayons Christmas themed molded crayons

Start making your list, don’t forget to check it twice. Add the perfect gift tags, make your presents super nice. Follow Crayzee Crayons on Facebook and Instagram for Christmas themed molded crayons for your toddlers and fancy personalized Holiday gift tags.

4 thoughts on “MrsEnero Finds : Christmas Molded Crayons and Personalized Christmas Tags by Crayzee Crayons

  1. Oooh, that is super cute. I love how your gift tags turned out andI love personalized items. I actually gave away personalized gifts this year and plan to do that every year. I’ll check out Crazee Crayons for our own personalized tags.


  2. I remember reading your post about Crazee Crayons before. Sadly, I forgot about it when I was thinking of gift options last Christmas. Must not forget next time! They’re so cute!


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