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MrsEnero Approved : Apple Monkey Organic Healthy Snacks For Your Baby and Kids

As parents, we want the best for our children – and that includes right meals and snacks for them. I’m so happy that there are wide varieties of healthy snacks that are available in the market nowadays. And just recently, I have discovered an organic healthy snack for my Eliana – Apple Monkey Organic Healthy… Continue reading MrsEnero Approved : Apple Monkey Organic Healthy Snacks For Your Baby and Kids

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Because McDelivery Knows

In its latest TV commercial, McDonald’s does not just make me craved for my favorite McDonald’s burger and fries but also touches my heart.  It is all about a dad and mom trying to keep everything’s quiet so that their twins won’t wake up, until they decided to order McDonald’s meal via McDelivery. Relate much… Continue reading Because McDelivery Knows

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Shopwise The BIG Cook-Off 2018

Grocery shopping is therapeutic rather than a chore for me. Shopwise is one of my happy places.  It is also known for its affordable quality, everyday freshness and budget-friendly variety.  This July, Shopwise launches more exclusive imported brand  in their supermarkets. Definitely a happy place for all wise moms like me.

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Our Little Chef at Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master

Why my husband and I love pizza? Because you can eat it at anyyytime of the day and it will still taste perfect: breakfast, brunch, dinner and even midnight snacks – pizza is soooo perfect.  Pizzas aside from burgers are one of our comfort foods. The other reason why pizza seems to be so addictive?… Continue reading Our Little Chef at Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master

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Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery & Coffee

When I was on my teenage days, my sisters and I enjoyed  watching Korean drama series and movies until dawn : “Coffee Prince“, “Stairway to Heaven” and “Full House” to name a few. So we were one of the first k-drama fans that time. And while dining at Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery & Coffee last… Continue reading Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery & Coffee

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