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MrsEnero Approved : Molded Crayons by Crayzee Crayons

I am happy that my daughter’s 2nd birthday was a blast!  It was a Hello Kitty themed house birthday party and as a hello kitty lover, I happily planned everything, and it ended up well. I will be sharing my DIYs and other details of her birthday soon on my blog. You may check her 2nd birthday hashtag #SayHello2Eliana 🙂

I am so pleased that before her birthday, I have discovered Crayzee Crayons on Instagram. It was a happy mama find, it was exactly what I am looking for. Perfect for my daughter’s birthday.

What’s inside Eliana’s birthday loot bag on her last birthday? Hello Kitty school supplies & Hello Kitty molded crayons for girls and Superman school supplies & robot molded crayons for boys.  I found it so hard to decide on what to choose for boys, as there as so many designs to choose from. There are dinosaurs, cars, animals and I ended up to these lovable robots.

What I love about Crayzee Crayons?

  • Crayzee Crayons recycle old crayons, I just love the idea. I am a nature lover, and it’s one way of saving Mother Earth. RECYCLE and REUSE .
  • Crayzee Crayons are so fun and playful to use by toddlers/kids and perhaps, artsy crafty kids at heart like me.
  • They have regular and washable crayons. Washable crayons are perfect for toddlers, the crayon did come off with less effort than typically used for crayon markings.
  • Crayzee Crayons have so many playful designs that toddlers/kids would definitely love. Imagine how they can color and play at the same time. These are on my top favorites : LEGO, Puzzles and animals designs.
  • And yes, they customized too. Customized name crayons are sooooo AWESOME! I just can’t handle the cuteness of the idea.

Crayzee Crayons sent their birthday gift to Eliana : a box of colorful crayons! And it was my favorite from all their Crayzee Crayons designs : CUBE LETTERS! I decided to keep them and will let her used them on her first day of school. I just wish that she will not use them though, don’t get me wrong, just look how beautiful these molded crayons are.

My daughter is now at that stage where she likes to color as much as she likes to draw. I am happy that she was so eager to learn and accomplished new milestones. I just need to buy washable crayzee crayons to easily clean up markings on her table. I am so happy that she listens to me and she is just coloring on the paper that I have provided. I just wish to find a paper roll that I can attach on her desk or on the wall. Any idea?

Follow Crayzee Crayons on Facebook and Instagram for fun and playful molded crayons for your toddlers. I highly recommends their products, best for party favors.

My childhood smells like a box of Crayola crayons. ~Terri Guillemets


10 thoughts on “MrsEnero Approved : Molded Crayons by Crayzee Crayons

  1. Those crayons are cute, nakakahinayang nga naman gamitin. I don’t buy crayons every year, as long as complete pa and pwede gamitin, my son will use it. The only time na bumibili ko pag nag-increase na yung number, from 8 pcs to 16pcs and now 24 colors na sila.


  2. Awww, these are really cute! ♥ It’s taking crayons to a new level, lol. Ang galing! Speaking of crayons, the other day, naghanap ako ng crayons at wala akong mahagilap! lol. Yun pala tinunaw na lahat nila Nate at ng kapatid ko when they had that crayon collage activity. lol. Now I have to go and get a new one.


  3. This looks nice. The kids will definitely want to color more since it comes with different shapes. There are a lot of creative things na for kids nowadays no? dati its just a simple crayon, ngayon they have designs too.


    1. I agree momshie. Minsan nagiging emotional ako, like seriously? may mga colors na di na ako familiar dati rainbow colors lang. hehe! Maswerte rin mga generations nowadays, madali na hanapan ng gamit unlike nung time natin.


  4. Wow, I love this idea of recycling old crayons! I would love to use this idea for my son’s party loot bags too next year. 🙂 They’re so cute and can be personalized pa!


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