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MrsEnero Approved : BCARE Bamboo Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have become an essential part of daily life in many families, especially to us moms.It  is something that we use on our little one’s delicate skin daily, so we really need to worry whether it is safe or not.  Standard wipes contain a variety of harsh chemicals that you may not want to rub all over your little one’s skin.

There are  numerous baby wipes to choose from at the supermarket. Some are superior in terms of effectiveness, softness while others are eco-friendly and affordable. As a mom, as much as possible, I always choose natural products for my little one. And I’m glad I have found not just a 100% baby-friendly wipes but earth-friendly as well.

Why BCARE Bamboo Baby Wipes is MrsEnero Approved?

  • It is the FIRST 100% All-Natural-Fiber Baby Wipes in the market.
  • It has natural antibacterial. Since it is made from bamboo, it has “kun” that is found on the cloth-like bamboo fiber that bacteria-fighting by nature. Meaning it is safe to use in our baby’s skin, no need to use hand soap or sanitizer. Perfect for traveling with babies/kids.
  • It is ultra-soft like cloth yet very durable. It is extra thick and so soft, my daughter loves it. It has no sticky feeling as it has absorbed 40% more moisture compared to cotton. It is durable enough to clean up the messiest baby during diaper change time.
  • It is hypoallergenic and gentle to baby’s skin.
  • Contains natural moisturizing and soothing agent.
  • It is unscented and paraben-free
  • Most of all, eco-friendly. It is not just gentle to the skin but to the environment too. Since it is made with 100% natural fiber, it is biodegrable. It will fully break down and go back to nature in 21 days after disposable. Awesome right? This is what I love about natural products, it is not harmful to the environment.
  • Economical. The price of BCARE Bamboo Baby Wipes are almost the same as other baby wipes found at the grocery stores.

BCare Bamboo Baby Wipes comes in three different sizes – 10 sheets, 30 sheets, and 80 sheets. I am glad that it  comes with a variety of sizes. It is very convenient because  I only bring 10 sheets when we go to the mall or grocery stores, it is not bulky as I can just put inside the pocket of my daughter’s diaper bag.  For longer trips, I usually bring 30 sheets or 80 sheets.

BCare Bamboo Baby Baby Wipes 10 sheets
BCare Bamboo Baby Baby Wipes 30 sheets
BCare Bamboo Baby Baby Wipes 80 sheets

Choose BCARE because it means BEST CARE for all. Follow BCare Bamboo Baby Wipes on Facebook and Instagram.


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