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MrsEneroApproved : ABSOLUTEly Healthily Ever After

Based on studies last year, obesity has a strong impact in the Philippines due to the large number of obese persons in the country—18 million Filipinos are obese and overweight. There is a growing rate in children obesity from age zero to 10 years old, and this is mainly attributed to the consumption of processed food that is high in sugar and fat alongside an inactive lifestyle.

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Philippines, promotes a “healthily ever after” for kids in its latest hydration campaign. The use of Disney characters will create an element of fun and excitement, to encourage kids and build on the habit of drinking water regularly.

Disney Princesses – Belle, Snow White, and Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa, as well as other iconic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen, and father and son tandem Marlin and Nemo will be gracing the decorative Absolute Distilled 250ml bottles. The inclusion of these Disney characters and the positive traits that they embody are hoped to help in imparting the value of drinking water among kids.

Here are the reasons why our little one and us parents should start the habit of drinking water today :

1. Hydration
The body loses about eight cups of water evey day. This lost water needs to be replaced to avoid discomforts such as nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, and ultimately dehydration. Sweetened drinks don’t really rehydrate the body as efficiently as water. In fact, fizzy drinks make the body lose more water by stimulating urine production. So, when it comes to water replenishment, nothing beats water.

2. Weight watch
Sugary drinks are loaded with calories and of course, sugar. Studies have found links to prevalent child obesity and flavored drinks, which is why some schools have mandated bans on such. If you want your child to maintain a healthy weight, limit their intake of sweetened drinks and get them to opt for water to quench their thirst.

3. Sugar and tooth decay
Sugary drinks make it easy for bacteria to grow inside the mouth. Bacteria feed on the sugar and create enamel-damaging acids in the process. Water, on the other hand, has natural elements that strengthen the teeth, making them less susceptible to damage from plaque and sugars.

4. Poor appetite
Consuming too much sweetened drinks has shown to affect a kid’s appetite. If a healthy diet is top priority, make sure they only consume sugary drinks occassionally, and more importatnyl to establish water as the first choice

5. Healthy and inexpensive
On top of it being calorie-free and with tons of health benefits, water is inexpensive compared to sweetened or flavored drinks. There is more to water for everyone, but one thing is clear: water is better than any other drink alternative. To encourage your kids to love drinking water, educate them on its benefits and how it functions in their bodies. Always make it available and accessible to them, and make it drinking water a fun occassion for the family.


Why this Absolute Disney Bottle is MrsEneroApproved?

  • Mother knows what’s absolutely best for her family. Absolute Water has undergone thorough purification and distillation process, making it the cleanest water for your baby’s and family’s safety.
  • Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is a distilled drinking bottled water brand that has passed the standards of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), IBWA (International Bottled Water Association), and National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF).

  • Absolute’s Disney kiddie bottle is an innovative approach to heighten the appeal of drinking water among kids and prefer it over sugary and fizzy drinks. Absolute’s Disney kiddie bottle gets the attention of our little one because of the decorative Disney characters. My daughter gets more excited in drinking water now.

  • Perfect for kiddie parties. Although kids’ parties are meant to be an all-out celebration, parents should still instill the importance of healthy eating and drinking to their children. Let Absolute change the way you throw kids parties and inspire other parents to do so as well, with the Absolute and Disney kiddie drinking water bottles.
  • Perfect baon for your little one. Let us limit their intake of sweetened drinks and get them to opt for water to quench their thirst.


Get your kids to love and be excited about drinking water by giving them the Absolute Disney kiddie water bottles. Follow Absolute Distilled Drinking Water on Facebook and Instagram


18 thoughts on “MrsEneroApproved : ABSOLUTEly Healthily Ever After

  1. I find these really cute! I’m glad may ganito kaliliit na bottles na rin si Absolute. I saw these bottle sizes first sa Coke, Royal, etc e. I hope they come up with theme for boys naman, I think this is perfect for birthday parties.


  2. I’ve noticed , too, when I drink a lot, it seems I dont get fat that much. I should continue drinking water, and my target is not less than two liters a day.

    Those absolute drinking water in little bottles are cuteness.. I bet your little girl is more than eager to drink because of the cute designs.


  3. Absolute has a really fun way to introduce water to our kids. As much as possible we shouldn’t introduce sodas and other not so healthy drinks to our kids because their body and mind are still developing and to avoid other bad effects- more water, more fun


  4. It is a challenge for me to ask my little boy to drink a lot of water whenever he is in his school. One small bottle of water na nga lang, hindi pa maubos. I think its a nice idea of absolute to make drinking water more fun for kids like mine.


  5. Ang cute talaga kapag Disney-inspired! Recently nagbawas ako ng sugary drinks ng mga kids. Kahit sa school, water na lang talaga ang baon nila. Healthier na, nakatipid pa.


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