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It’s Coffee O’ Clock : Coffee Breaks 2017

KAPE KAPE KAPE, this is what this post all about. I am a coffeeholic and I always start my day with a hot cup of coffee. I also have this thing with coffee shops : the smell of coffee beans, the unique themed of each cafe, me – being happy finding my favorite corner and of course, my cup of happiness. And because I can’t remember how many coffee intakes I had last year, I will just share with you my coffee cups. Here’s my Coffee Breaks of 2017 :


Click images for details

That’s it! I’m excited for my cups of coffee (tea? because I’m starting to be a #TEAtasofManila) this 2018. What’s brewing this 2018? ❤

9 thoughts on “It’s Coffee O’ Clock : Coffee Breaks 2017

  1. Great post idea. haha I also have been coffeeholic last 2017. I feel the need to drink one whenever I feel I had to stay awake for the night or just felt like starting my day with something hot on my throat. =) Love the photos!!! The Hello Kitty is so cute. =))


  2. I’m not a coffeeholic but I like the smell of the coffee. I drink from time to time, lalo na pag malamig ang weather pero kung hindi, I can live without it. But I also want to drink tea, pampapayat daw e. hehehe!


  3. I”m definitely a coffee addict. That’s why I worked in the coffee industry for about 7 years. 🙂 I can’t ever live without coffee talaga. Love this post idea. Makes me happy looking at the pics. 🙂


  4. I am a coffeeholic before, but due to my health condition before I need to say goodbye to coffee at the same time to soft drinks. Pero everytime na nakakaamoy ako ng coffee parang ang sarap uminom supper nakaka tempt.


  5. Love the smell of coffee , too. When I worked in a pr agency, I tried coffee and enjoyed it. My mom had no idea I drink coffee. She oriented me when I was a kid that nakakabobo ang kape. Eheheh. Perhaps her way to discourage me to drink coffee and prefer milk instead.


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