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MrsEnero Finds : Nizacch Handmade Quilts

I love crafty things and one of my bucket-list is to learn “quilting“. I love handmade quilts, I really wish I had time to make one someday.  For me, quilting is an artistic expression, it is like creating an artwork just like a painter does.

Quilts are made with love and special attention to detail, and this what I saw with Nizaach Crafts on Instagram. Thank you Nizaach Crafts for sending diaper and zipper pouches, I love them!

Nizaach Crafts’ handmade quilts are handcrafted with love by their artisans in Catanduanes. Nizaach Crafts’ handmade quilts products are diaper bags, playmats and pillow cases. They also have baby quilts such as custom crib and diaper pouch. They are quilting custom-made tote bags, zipper pouch, cellphone pouch and grocery bag holders.

Diaper pouch is always inside my daughter’s diaper bag. It is very useful because I can easily locate her diapers. It is also one of our travel essentials, I can also use it as my daughter’s disposable bottle and inserts pouch. HAPPINESS!

Diaper pouch
Diaper pouch used as disposable bottle pouch

I love Nizacch Craft’s zipper pouch! I love the design, it is so dainty and spacious inside  as well. This is so useful especially when traveling. I can put Eliana’s travel essentials like her insect repellent, hand-sanitizer and her comb too. It’s like an instant organizer, I loooove it! I even used it as my kikay pouch as well, I can put my lippies, deodorizing body wipes and even my IDs. Oh dba? instant mama-daughter kits, I’m planning to buy one para tig-isa na kami. teehee!

Zipper pouch used as Eliana’s travel essentials pouch
Zipper pouch used as my kikay pouch

Follow Nizacch Crafts on Facebook and Instagram for beautifully crafted quilts.


6 thoughts on “MrsEnero Finds : Nizacch Handmade Quilts

  1. Your post reminds me that I need to use my sewing machine. My hubby was teasing me “kung gumagana pa ba iyon”. hehehe! He gave it to me but it’s been months that I haven’t used it, hindi tuloy mag-improve sewing skills ko. 🙂


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