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MrsEnero Approved : Lexngo Silicone Collapsible Lunch Combo

Lexington Limited provides a full range of children, home, gift, entertain, pet and travel products with our Lexnfant, Lexliving and Lexngo brands.  Lexliving is designed for home and kitchen. LexnInfant is designs for babies and toddler’s essentials.

Lexngo is made especially to peope on the go, just like us Eneros. Lexngo cooperates with different organizations to achieve sustainable and healthy Mother Earth, in which they have designed their products that will reduce a single-use plastic waste.

I just learned that silicone is environment-friendly material. It will naturally decompose into SiO2 and blend in with air, water and soil without posing any threat our ecology.

Why MrsEnero Approved?

  • 100% foodgrade material, NON TOXIC and BPA free
  • Unbreakable and flexible
  • Can be used in oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher
  • Perfect for food storage and meals with toppings
  • For space saving storage simply collapse the flexible silicone container to 1/2 the size.
  • Perfect for bentos. Hello Bento Moms!
Mrs Enero’s On The Go Office Baon : Biscocho and Fresh fruits
Eliana’s On The Go Snack Container : Puffs and animal biscuits

The Perfect Combo.I can use it at home, or anywhere we go. I can easily take inside my bag and what I love most is that it is a space-saver since it collapsible, after eating I can just put it inside Eliana’s diaper bag.

I saw many bento moms using Lexngo collapsible silicone lunch and snack box. I am now starting to learn bento styling, got to get ready for my little one’s future happy lunch and snack box. Oh, I just can’t wait!

I love all the designs of Lexington Limited products from Lexnfant, Lexliving and Lexngo brands. All are useful not only to us moms but also safe in the environment.

What’s for Eliana’s snacks? Fresh oranges in collapsible snack box and Cerelac Nutripuffs in a collapsible snack container.

Follow Lexngo on Instagram or send an email  to know more about their safe, plastic-free and happily colorful Lexngo, LexnInfant and Lexliving products.


4 thoughts on “MrsEnero Approved : Lexngo Silicone Collapsible Lunch Combo

  1. Love the bright colors they have. And also love the idea that it is collapsible and made of silicone. I have seen something similar to that one but then the price isn’t that nice. Ehehe. Will check this one if its something I could afford. Ihihi. Looking for a nice baunan for my boys.


  2. My son has collapsible container too but he doesn’t like using it because it is too big. He prefers small baunan lang. While my husband prefers a glass container naman for his baon. But I agree that collapsible container saves space.


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