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Eliana’s First Library

When I was still pregnant with my little one, my husband and I were both researching on what to do’s and don’t s. As a first-time parent, we were so excited and both nervous at the same time.  I have read articles from Smart Parenting (one of the helpful sites for first-time parents like us) and Reading Rockets about the importance of reading books to babies.

Here are some tips that I have read and indeed works on my little one :

  • Read from day one.

I started our reading routine on her early months. And it’s true, young babies respond to the soothing sound of a book being read aloud. This became a daily routine, until one day I just learned that she’s loving and learning from it.

  • Share books everyday

Everyday we are reading books to her and before she turned one, she’s choosing a book and letting us read for her. This routine, became a part of her playing time.

  • Reread favorites

Her first favorites are : If I were a Ballerina and The Wonderful World of Peekaboo. Since an infant’s vision is still developing, choose books with little or no text ; with big and high-contrast pictures. Also consider books with interactive stuff, such as puppets, mirrors, or peepholes. I highly recommended cloth books.

Eliana still cannot read, but now that she’s 15months old, she is the one getting a book and turning each pages. It makes my heart full.

Here are the list of Eliana’s books :

Pat the Bunny. The original classic “touch and feel” book that has been entertaining babies for over 60 years. It contain things to touch, move and even smell.

Dr. Seuss’s Oh Baby! Go baby!. This Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection inspired by the Seuss’s celebrated classic, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! This is an interactive version,  filled with foil, feathers, flaps, slide tabs, and more is a perfect read for your little one on the go.

The Wonderful World of Peekaboo. Cloth book activity book. Filled with peek-a-boo animals in every scene and multi-texture crinkly flaps.

Black & Red & Sometimes White. Cloth book filled with things with black, red and white colors.

I bought it online : Ben&Lily

  • Instagram account : @ben.and.lily



Baby Einsteins I See Colors! Baby will love learning colors with this unique die-cut board book. Peek inside and discover the amazing world of colors!

Baby Einsteins Animal Homes. This charming board book introduces young children to different types of animals and the places they live in a fun and interactive way. The unique format, combining delightful illustrations with dramaticclose up photographs, is sure to engage youngsters as they explore eachanimal’s home.

I bought it on an office fair : Ogolala World

  • Instagram account : @ogalalaworld

I Love My Puppy. Special touch and feel book for dog lovers book by Caroline Jayne Church.

Giggle! Cherish the laughter-filled moments of childhood with your little one in GIGGLE, a novelty sound book by Caroline Jayne Church.

Sweet Child of Mine. An endearing and enduring story of love from bestselling author and illustrator Caroline Jayne Church. Caroline Jayne Church returns with an emotional story that proves no matter how much things in life change, one thing lasts forever: a parent’s love.

I bought it online : Happy Bub

  • Instagram account : @happybub_ph

Let’s go to the Farm with Eliana Laila. It is a handmade personalized cloth book. It it a 10-pages cloth book that shows farm animals.

I bought it online : Quack and Meow

  • Instagram account : @quackandmeow

These were all the books of Eliana so far. Yes! still few but eventually as she grows older, will add one book at a time. The most important thing is she loves her books and learning from it.

Not included above :

If I were a Ballerina. This beautiful book describes every little girl’s dream! The charming text gives you a list of everything you need to become a ballerina.

If I were a Fairy This beautiful book describes every little girl’s dream! The charming text gives you a list of everything you need to become a fairy.

I bought it at : National Bookstore

  • Instagram account : @nationalbookstore and @nbsalert

Stories of Jesus Mini Library. Small compilation of Jesus stories for toddlers. Given by her Tita Ninang Lana.

Parents are a child’s first teacher, and there are many simple things you can do every day to share the joy of reading while strengthening your child’s literacy skills. ~ Reading Rockets

Happy reading!


28 thoughts on “Eliana’s First Library

  1. Great collection! 🙂 I used to love buying books for the kiddos as well until there’s no more place to put them. Haha. Most of the time, I’m too tired to read them a story. Hay, I should make the time for it again.


  2. timely post. just this morning, it appeared on my FB timeline — a post about teaching your children to read from books, magazines, newspaper — anything that is printed. Don’t give them e-books or read from websites. iba pa rin daw yung effect ng reading from traditional print. It sharpens the mind. 🙂


  3. Wow! Great collection mommy!
    You should visit The Manila Bookfair next week you’ll surely enjoy the “Book Haven Experience. Last year, I bought 1 hardcover book for as low as Php 20.


  4. During my kids younger years, i had those collection of books. And im still keeping them.. Who knows we might have another baby soon, i really wish! Books are valuable investments and its nice to know to invest in them for your baby.. Good job mommy! 🙂


  5. Reading together isa great bonding activity! My kids are used to having story time before we sleep. It’s also one way to let my hyper-active toddler to sit down and get busy. I like your collection. Will look for those also!


  6. It is indeed great to introduce books to children at an early age. I get my little girl’s books from Booksale and other 2nd hand bookstores, I think that’s fine and more practical kasi most of the time my little girl would just write on the pages and crumple it. My fave book when I was younger which I’ve been wanting to give my little girl is “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, but I’m afraid na baka masira niya lang hehe


  7. Happy reading to the little darling. i love to see kids read or flip pages of books as if they were reading them. It is so commendable of you to introduce the little one to reading. Dr. Seuss’s Oh Baby! Go baby! Is a classic favorite and i remember reading it everyday to my three boys. Our book is all battered already but now, all my three boys love to read anything. And they appreciate books just like their mom and dad.


  8. Awww baby books are the cutest! You know (based on experience), while it becomes annoying, reading a favourite book over and over again helps kids learn how to read. My son’s first sight words came from his fave book!


  9. Good job on raising a reader! I usually look for books at Booksale for my gradeschooler and toddler. There are just so many options plus it’s cheaper! As for my baby boy, I share your preference with cloth book 🙂


  10. What a great selection of books, we also enjoy storytelling. Everytime before we go to bed, my toddle would always request a story to be read. Her recent favorite is “A Very Hungry Caterpillar.” 🙂


  11. I advocate reading for kids, too. 🙂 I love that they love me reading to them…even the two older ones like it when I do so. But they do read a lot on their own as we have a large shelf full of books for them to read. I love your baby books and I love that your baby reaches for the books herself to flip through them. Cute cute.


  12. Reading aloud is really an effective way in encouraging our chidlrent to lobe reading. I admire you for making sure that this is part of your child’s daily routine. They will learn what we impart to them. Keep up the good work mommy!


  13. I love your book collection mommy! We also love reading books to our little one. I would love to buy Dr. Seuss’s collection and those cloth books for my son too. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Looks like your lil one’s library is well stocked! I am sure she will enjoy thumbing through and reading her collection. I have read to my son since he was in my tummy and I am more that delighted that he is now fond of reading, too!


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