Welcome back #mrsEnerodiaries

I haven’t posted for quite sometime, and I’ve been missing it.  Dearest readers, I’ve been busy (lazy) for nine months. I even forgot to renew my domain and so (again!) good-bye to my beloved domain. I’ve decided not to purchase a new one and remain to So yes! This is a sequel of my and

And because I’m a certified mama, I will be blogging more of parenthood and motherhood.

My blog categories will remain (always be) EAT.PRAY.LOVE.TRAVEL


FOOD will always be my first love. Will continue our food spotting adventure. YAY!


Part of  my travel is visiting churches.


This is the personal part of my blog. This is where parenthood, motherhood and everything in between falls. Everything I love.


Of course! A traveler will always be a traveler, now traveling as family. I can’t wait for our little one’s adventure.

#EnerosOnTheRoad our official travel hashtag 🙂

Maternity Shoot

Snaphots of my Maternity Shoot up next 🙂

My Maternity Photo shoot by : Clapboard Media


Welcome back Gelai! 🙂


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